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In order to maximise returns from the grass part of the rotation, the decision was made to invest in an Anaerobic Digester. Construction started at the end of 2015 and the 1MW Qila system is now being commissioned. This gives the farm scope to utilise grass and wholecrop silages as well as brock veg and complete the fertility loop on the farm. All manures will go through the digester and the resulting digestate will allow targeted applications of fertility. A second 2.4MW AD system will be in operation by the end of 2016 which has allowed the farm to work more closely with neighbours to grow crops and ensure that all specialist machinery is working to capacity. Growing crops for the AD plant is proving particularly attractive to farmers in the light of non-profitable arable crops and offers a valuable constant in farm budgeting.

The tractor fleet in 2016

Increasing the farm investment in specialist equipment has also given the capacity to do some contract farming and a willingness to explore new opportunities where this fits in with the farm.

William checks out the dung destoner built by Duncan & Alan

William checks out the dung destoner built by Duncan & Alan

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