What We Do

What We Do

Organic Farming

Organic farming increased the farm staff back to 8 full time staff with as many as 70 seasonal staff. The seasonal team members were employed to weed high value crops such as organic carrots. The challenge of growing crops well, without using pesticides and artificial fertilisers has led to significant investment in specialist machinery for weeding as well as new approaches to cultivation such as GPS technology. This technology is fitted to all tractors and machinery for the purpose of accurate measurement, seeding and fertilising with manures and harvesting.

We are always focused on making sure the land is managed to best advantage economically and environmentally.

Back in 2014, in order to maximise returns from the grass part of the rotation, we decided to become involved in Anaerobic Digestion. Therefore a 1 Mw plant was built to digest grass and other silages, along with manure and turn them into methane to run generators.

The construction started at the end of 2015 and was closely followed by another, larger 2.4 Mw gas to grid plant in 2017. The plants continue to contribute resilience to the farms overall rotation.